Authors In Action


 On Wednesday my mom and I went to a very cool meeting at Book People.  We saw Jon Scieszka (Guys Read, Time Warp Trio, True Story of the 3 Pigs), Tom Angleberger (Origami Yoda), Mac Barnett, Jory John, and Jonathan Auxier.  I had read books by Jon Scieszka and Tom Angleberger before but wasn’t familiar with the other guys. Mom let me get two books but I wanted to buy about 10.  I already finished Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue, that review is coming next.

At the meeting, each author talked about their new books and answered questions.  At the end, you could meet the authors and have your book signed by them.  I went to one of these in first grade where I got to see Rick Riordan and get his Mark of Athena (really good book, by the way).  That was so crowded, you couldn’t meet the author, just see him talk.  I really liked seeing the authors and hearing about their books. I would definitely recommend going.  Also, Whole Foods is right next door and you can get yourself some delicious gelatin-free marshmallows. (Do you know how they make gelatin?  Once you do, you don’t want to eat it—trust me!)

What I learned:

  • Jonathan Auxier wrote his book for his 10 year old self, he said he thought I would like it even though it’s sort of scary.  I actually talked with him. His book is a Bluebonnet book for this year, so I’ll be one step ahead for voting for next year.
  • Jon Scieszka’s name is pronounced “SHEZ- ka”
  • Tom Angleberger and Jonathan Auxier both draw and did some of the illustrations on their book
  • No one could answer why school is so long!
  • Mac Barnett and Jory John used to play pranks on their moms, but since they were both only children it was hard not to get caught.   Later we read that they are both from the Bay Area like me!

Top Highlights: 

  • Tom Angleberger actually made me an origami Yoda and signed my book.
  • Jon Scieszka and Tom Angleberger remembered me from the blog and twitter, so that was cool
  • I ended up being first in line to meet the authors.  I don’t know how it happened since normally I’m not one of those kids who just rushes up in line.
  • Mac Barnett and Jory John played a joke saying that I was the Prankster in their story.  It was weird but fun.
  • I found this other kid blogger who attended the event: Xander.   He’s older than me and actually went to the Texas Library Association conference.  I wasn’t able to go.  I really wanted to see Dan Gutman and the Bluebonnet books.
  • My mom made friends with a librarian and she recommended this Scholastic Books festival in San Antonio.
  • Afterwards my mom and I went to Whole Foods and bought dim sum and marshmallows (and my brother didn’t come)

I have some new books on my reading list: 

  1. Frank Einstein (already ordered it from the library)
  2. Art 2 D2 (last copy was bought by the kid in front of me)
  3. Night Gardener (already ordered it from the library)
  4. The Terrible Two
  5. The Rat With the Human Face

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