Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue (for the STAAR test)

This week has been especially tough for me because it was the last days of STAAR (state of Texas assessment of academic readiness) testing.  If you are lucky enough not to have to take standardized tests, like if you live in Finland or something, then I’m so jealous of you and am going to ask my mom to move me to your school.  Just kidding.  The test itself isn’t too bad.  The annoying parts are that you miss specials and recess, and you can’t get regular lunch from the cafeteria.  Last month, I ended up missing pizza day because of it.  Also, the teacher gets really crazy about bubbling perfectly and all those “stray marks”.

After each section of the test you are allowed to read quietly- after you have double or triple checked everything.  I usually bring a big collection of books with me just in case.  Although last time, I discovered The Hero’s Guide and that was good.  But, you never know what books are left on the shelf and I hate to get stuck with a dud, like a princess book.

Because I’m so “brain drained” as my mom says it, I’m not going to do a usual review of Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue.  You may remember that I got to see Origami Yoda (Tom Angleberger) at the meet the author event at the Book People.

Tom Angleberger in actionThe book is really good, and I was waiting for it.  But this time, my mom (who’s never read any of the series) is going to ask me some questions and I’ll answer them.  If they aren’t too annoying that is (ha ha ha).
Q: Is it right to assume that this book series is like the Star Wars movies?

A:  Well the book series talks about this middle school and everyone likes Star Wars.  And one kid makes this origami yoda and everyone else makes origami Star Wars guys.  But in one episode, Dwight (the origami yoda maker), gets expelled because origami is deemed too distracting.  In the last two books, there is this program called “fun time” that is really annoying and makes things difficult.  But the school board thinks it’s good.

[spoiler alert]  In Jabba the Puppet, a teacher joins the rebellion and in Princess Labelmaker the principal joins and that’s when they win.

Q:  Thanks, that’s a big answer.  Do you have to be totally into Star Wars to like this series?

A; No.

Q: What if you don’t know anything about Star Wars? 

A: That’s not good.  You have to know a little bit, at least some bit. What kind of person doesn’t know at least something about Star Wars?

Q; You skipped one of the books, right?  The Art 2 D2 wasn’t available when we were at the bookstore.  Did that affect how you understood the Labelmaker story?

A: No, it didn’t.  It doesn’t matter if you skip books, except you can’t skip the first book. [ The Strange Case of Origami Yoda]

Q: What’s the funniest part of this book?

A: I don’t know.  [mom is getting really annoying here as you can tell]

Q: Ok, [mom didn’t like my tone] what’s your favorite part of the book?
A: The ending, with the conference.

Q: Why is this a good book to take with you to the STAAR test?

A: Well, the book is really enjoyable and it’s not very “learning” and relaxes your brain.

Q: Did you try to make any origami?

A: No, but there are instructions.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: Nah.

That’s it for my QA review.  This book really is fun and I highly recommend it.  Like I told my mom, you don’t have to be really into Star Wars to read this book but if you don’t know anything about it, I think you may not like it.  I’d say that maybe you need to go and watch the Star Wars moves first and then read this.

Do you have to take standardized tests?  If so, what’s the most annoying thing about it?  If you have any good books you’d recommend during the test, please share below.  I’d also like to thank Tom Angleberger for making me that cool Origami and signing my book.  

Tom Angleberger and me

signed copy of the  book


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