Review: I Funny Trilogy by James Patterson

 Hi everyone!  I’ve been so busy these last few weeks.  Even though all the testing is over and we hardly have any homework, I had some big events happen.  I was nominated for my class to be in UIL for spelling which meant I had to practice a lot of extra words (which was so annoying).  But, it was actually pretty fun.  Then, we had the 1, 2, 3 places for each grade’s AR points.  My mom and I went to the main library and checked out a lot of books.  I was pretty much doing a book a day plus 2 on the weekends.  Normally, I can do 100 AR points in a month.  I did 150 points in 3 weeks.  But now, I just want to watch some Minecraft on YouTube.

But, my mom says that it’s better if I blog regularly versus just once in a while.  So, I’m going to talk about the I Funny books that I read.  It’s I Funny, I Even Funnier and I Totally Funniest by James Patterson.  As you can guess by the title, these books are funny.

The I Funny series is about a kid, Jamie Grimm who got in a car accident and is paralyzed.  When he was in the hospital, the doctors give him joke books.  His parents died in the accident and leaves him paralyzed.  He lives with his aunt and uncle called the Smileys but all they do is frown.  The school bully becomes his adopted brother and keeps telling mean things like Jamie is only getting a sympathy vote from the judges.

Luckily, he has his uncle Frankie to help him and be nice. One day he was telling jokes at his uncle’s restaurant.  Then his uncle told him to enter the contest.  So now, he enters a joke contest “Planet’s Funniest Kid” .  The three books show his journey in the contest from city, state, country and international. (I don’t want to spoil it for you).  There are some really funny jokes in this.  In I Funny, Jamie is going to compete for the City contest.  In I Even Funnier, he actually quits but then he gets picked as a wildcard and his journey continues.  In the final one, you see where he ends up.  Does he win?  I’m not telling you.  Go read it!

You know how people say LOL meaning “laughing out loud”?  Well, I actually laughed out loud a lot and told my mom one of the jokes.  This was my favorite one:

Two men go hunting in the woods and one collapses.  His friend whips out his cell phone and calls 9-1-1.

Man: My friend is dead, what should I do?

9-1-1:Calm down, I can help.  First, let’s make sure he’s dead.

here’s a silence and then a gunshot.

Man: OK, now what?

This had my mom and I seriously laughing out loud for a long time.  Plus, the third book kept me company for the UIL tournament.

I think anyone would love this book series- it’s funny and is just a story of a kid who had a messed up situation and tries to make the best of it.   He just wants to be normal, even though everyone treats him like a baby since he’s in a wheelchair. I like this book and I think you may too.

Got any good jokes to share?  Write them below.


3 thoughts on “Review: I Funny Trilogy by James Patterson

  1. Hey Gabriel! First off, congrats on winning First Place at UIL! Ok, down to business. It’s cool to see another kid who loves blogging, Stuart Gibbs, reading, and all things books. If you don’t mind, I could give you some advice (which you don’t have to accept) to make your blog better. Also, I do know a few ways to get to hang out with your favorite authors, like how I got to hang out with Stuart Gibbs when he came to Texas (I’ll probably explain in my blog). What’s your e-mail? (You don’t have to answer this) I want to know so we can talk and stuff. Have our own internet book club or something. Also, you’re a Texan right? I hope so. My blog is @ if you ever make the time to visit it.

    Another Stuart Gibbs Fan,

    P.S.- Thanks for the follow on Twitter!


    • That’s so cool that you met Stuart Gibbs. Did you really bring all your books for him to sign? He’s one of the favorite authors in my class (well, the class I just had before summer vacation). I think if we had more time, we could have started a petition or something.
      I’m always interested in ways to make my blog better. My mom handles the social media stuff, so I’ll have her message you with my info. Hope your summer is going well.


      • Gabriel-

        Yes, I brought all my books and he gladly signed them all (like Summer McCracken, he was really nice). Once your mom messages me, I’ll gladly share some ideas with you


        P.S.- My Summer is going great!
        P.P.S.- We should start a petition, but on what?

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