Book Reviews: Floors Trilogy by Patrick Carman

 It’s summer and I’ve been having a really fun time.  I was able to download a new video game (Titan Fall) and between camps and just relaxing, I’ve been having a relaxing summer.  I have been reading, but I just hadn’t gotten around to blogging about my books.  Sorry if you’ve been waiting.  But I figure you’ve been having fun this summer too.  I’ll won’t be gone this long again- promise!Now, onto some good books to read.  I found this “Floors” series by Patrick Carman the last time I went to the library.  If you remember, I often like to get all the books in a series at once, so I can just read them all.  I’d never heard of this book series or author, so like my mom says, I judged a book by its cover.  I’m glad I did as I think this is a really interesting series.  Patrick Carman is also the author of Skeleton Creek, which I read in second grade and is a very adventurous book (if you like adventure books, I’d recommend that).  He also wrote one of the 39 Clues books, which is also a VERY good series.

So we have Floors, 3 Below, and The Field of Wacky Inventions.  In Floors,  Leo and his father move into the basement of the Whippet Hotel after Leo’s mother dies.  His father is the janitor/handyman/custodian of the hotel.  The hotel is known for its wackiness like the flying farm room, cake room, and pool room, plus a lot more.  The higher you go up the hotel, the wackier it gets. There is an elevator called the Double Helix and is sideways and goes really fast.  Plus the hotel has this whole duck thing going on.  Why can’t we stay at a hotel like this?

You can only access the rooms with a Whippet Hotel key card.  The hotel is really expensive and only the super rich are able to afford it.  There are different cards that let you to different areas of the hotel.  And only the owner can get into all the rooms.   The owner, Merganzer D. Whippet has been gone for 100 days and no one knows where he is.  The manager is going nuts and there is a group that is trying to buy the hotel.

During a duck errand, Leo finds a purple box sets him basically on a treasure hunt.   He also meets Remi who is the son of one of the maids at the hotel.  The adventure then starts.  Together, Leo and Remi find various clues that lead them to other boxes.  Without giving too much away, let’s just say there is a happy ending and a secret villain is discovered and removed.

3 Below: The Whippet is $7M in debt and good ole Ms. Sparks now is a tax agent.  She has arranged for a private auction of the hotel but has sabotaged the invites so that only one person ends up coming.  Wouldn’t you know that Ms. Sparks and the other person are teamed up together to buy and turn it into a big money-making hotel.  I guess Ms. Sparks doesn’t take being fired too well!

Remi’s mom and Leo’s dad get married, making the two kids brothers.  During the wedding the kids find out that there are 3 sub floors that they didn’t know about.    At the end, they kids find a way to save the hotel by paying off the debt.  Let’s just say that Ms. Sparks is NOT pleased about this.  Finally,  Merganzer comes back and “raises the roof” (literally).

The Field of Wacky Inventions.  Merganzer wasn’t just the owner of the Whippet, but 6 hotels other.  The top floors of all these hotels each contain a “secret room”.  Each hotels’ roof has flown off and been put together in one hotel in the Field of Wacky Inventions.  Now, there is a competition among all 6 hotel managers.  Whichever manager wins will own all 6 hotels.  Our heroes Leo and Remi team up with Mr. Alfred with the agreement that if either of them wins, Leo will get the Whippet and Alfred can keep the others.  They end up meeting a meeting a person stuck in one of the rooms and see the secret rooms in the other hotels.  I can’t spoil the ending, but it’s good even if Ms. Sparks tries to ruin it all (what’s with her?).  I read that this was Patrick Carman’s least favorite book.  I would say that it’s the most different from the other two books, but has way more adventure.

I’ve read some people who compare the series to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I can see why- both have this wacky owner, a contest, and what seems to be this really well-thought out way for the owner to find a new owner.  But, that’s really it.  The Floors series is really a good adventurous book and definitely original.  If you are traveling anywhere this summer, it kind of makes you look at hotels in a whole new way.  Have you read it?  Let me know your thoughts.


One thought on “Book Reviews: Floors Trilogy by Patrick Carman

  1. Hey Gabriel-

    First off- loved the whole take-care-of-a-trilogy-in-one-big-post idea. Instead of having to read separate post, you get to read one long one. Seriously, I’m going to try to check out the whole series now. It sounds good.

    Also- have you ever thought of the idea of guest posting. I don’t know how many viewers you get, but I feel like it’ll be a good opportunity to expand both our blogs. We could each post on each other’s blog once, and if it’s good we could do it again? I don’t know, but consider it. If you like the idea- email me and we’ll talk more

    You’ve got a really nice website,


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