Elvis and The Underdogs: Secrets, Secret Service and Room Service by Jenny Lee (plus what I did all summer)

Ok, school has now started and I realize that I have been a very lazy person all summer.  I did actually read, but when it came to finding time to blog, I just couldn’t do it.  Most of my summer was spent relaxing.  However, I did realize that I am what you’d call a “resort person”, after having two separate visits to local resorts.  I can’t imagine staying at a regular hotel anymore (unless you could combine the resort with a hotel like in Floors).

 On to my latest book.  My mom picked up Elvis and the Underdogs: Secrets, Secret Service and Room Service as a book on CD for our drive to the resorts.   This book is actually book 2 of the series (I hadn’t read this, I just jumped into this book).  The story focuses on a boy named Benji who is really missing his original therapy dog, Elvis.  Turns out that there was a mix-up and Elvis was really meant to go to the president of the United States, and Benji was meant to get a different dog named Ripley.  Benji and his friend, Alexander Chang-Cohen are watching YouTube videos of Elvis, when they discover that the dog is sending a Morse code message to Benji asking him to come to DC immediately.

Benji’s other good friend, Taisy McDonald, is really athletic and decides to enter an archery competition because the finals are held in Washington DC in two weeks.  She is so naturally gifted that she makes it to the finals.
Benji has been sending his former dog Elvis letters and his mom’s delicious cakes on a regular basis.  What no one knows is that Elvis and Benji can actually talk to each other.  We haven’t figured out if when others hear it, they just hear Elvis barking.  But for these two, they actually speak to each other.
The reason why Benji needs to see Elvis is that Elvis may be given as a gift to the prime minister of Japan.  Benji and his friends need to find a way to stop this.
I don’t want to give away anything, but let’s just say that all’s well that ends well.
I thought this book was really interesting.  I loved how Benji had the perfect set of friends- one is super smart, the other super athletic and well, Benji can actually talk to his dog.  The writing really felt like it was a kid talking, not a grownup trying to talk like a kid.  The book was really funny.  You know how you hear people say “LOL” and that means laugh out loud.  Well, while listening to this, I really did laugh out loud- it’s that funny.
I would really recommend this book- it’s an easy read (or listen).  I definitely will read the first book and any others she has.


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