The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone

Hi everyone! This is Gabriel’s mom.  I figured I should write a quick note explaining the extreme tardiness of this post.  First of all, Gabriel really wanted us to do a joint-post, which means I needed to carve out time to read a 400+ page book.  Secondly, even after said book is read and post is written, I need to publish the actual thing, which I forgot.  Don’t worry– here’s the post and we will be back on a weekly blog schedule going forward. 

forbidden_stoneGabriel’s Thoughts:

The Copernicus Legacy: the Forbidden Stone by Tony Abbott is about a family who finds these notes from Uncle Henry after he was killed. This leads the family to a treasure hunt around the world. The kids are looking for 12 relics that help put together a special machine that was built by Copernicus. This book has a lot of action. The book isn’t really scary, just exciting. I really like the characters- I feel like they are so well thought out. My favorite character Darrell but I’d say I’m more like Wade. The kids talk like regular kids, even though they are doing things that no normal kid would do.

I really liked this book because it had some science in it with astronomy and had real people like Nicolaus Copernicus. But there are some fictional things like the machine Copernicus built and the actual Kaplan kids. My mom says this is called historical fiction. I like how the story is based in Austin, Texas. The kids and dad travel all over the place to solve this mystery including Germany, Italy, and then Guam (my favorite part). I liked how the author writes the book as if it could happen. I mean, it’s unlikely, but it really could happen. He’s pretty good about writing realistically. The kids talk like normal kids, not like a grown-up trying to talk like a kid. There is an evil society led by this lady (I think she’s about 17 or 18) Galina Krause. She’s pretty ruthless.

I would really recommend this book. If you like action books, you probably would like this book too. Comparing this book to my other favorites (Percy Jackson or Genius Files), The Forbidden Stone also has kids on a quest looking for things all over the place. It’s definitely in my top 5 book series.

Mom’s Thoughts:

After reading the book, Gabriel insisted I read it. Now, as you know if he insists I read a book- I read it. Just my luck he picked a 400+ page one. It took me about three times as long as Gabriel, but I finally finished it. All I can say is WOW. Tony Abbott has done an excellent job of creating a fast-paced thrilling book that is completely age appropriate for kids 10 and up. I would say that this is The DaVinci Code meets Scooby Doo.

The story focuses around two brothers (by marriage) Wade and Darrell, their cousin Lily, her best friend Becca, and Wade’s dad professor Roald. The mystery begins when Wade’s dad receives a weird email from an old family friend, Uncle Henry (Roald’s astronomy professor). Before you know it the kids are traveling the globe looking for clues and trying to piece together what seems to be a centuries old mystery surrounding the great thinker Copernicus.

Just like the DaVinci code you have secret societies, codices and ciphers, and a resident group of evil people who want to find the relics for their selfish purposes. I loved how this book fairly convincingly answered many of the plot holes that one could find (how does this family afford traveling everywhere, how can they solve these clues, why don’t they run to the police). This book is great for young people because while it is extremely complex and there are some exciting action sequences, you don’t have any of the other “mature” themes of romance or graphic gore.

I also have to bring a reference to “The Gang” in Scooby Doo because each of these kids has some strengths that come into play while solving the mini mysteries. Becca is a whiz with languages and loves traditional academic learning. Lily is a computer/internet genius and slowly begins to see her tech savvy as a skill. Darrell is a musician and has a strong connection with his instincts (especially if being followed). Wade is thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable about astronomy. The dad isn’t completely useless either.

Tony Abbott has created a great series where the kids must find one of 12 relics that once belonged to Copernicus. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but if you are looking for an exciting book that can help spark interest in past great thinkers, this is it. I do feel that this book was written to be a movie, but, I can’t blame the author for targeting that market.





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