I’m a kid who really likes to read and people are always asking me or my mom what I like to read.  I don’t mind them asking, but when I’m playing Infection during recess, I really don’t want to talk about books.  So, my mom said I should start a blog.

She also said I needed to be really careful online so I can’t give you too much information.  Just that my name is Gabriel and these are the books I like to read.  I’m a real kid.  Sometimes I type this and other times I’ll tell my mom and she types for me.  All the thoughts are my own though.  I get really annoyed if she tries to write something I don’t believe!

If you want me to read a book or want to reach me, just email me and my mom will contact you.  My dream would be to hang out with some of my favorite authors like Rick Riordan, Dan Gutman, Jon Scieszka and others.  I have been lucky enough to see some of them on tour, but we’ve never hung out or anything.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Gabriel! First of all, thanks for the follow on twitter! I followed you back. I’m glad you like some of the similar books I do (Origami Yoda series, anything by Stuart Gibbs, etc.) I in fact, actually do know how to get to hang with authors (in March, I got to hang with Stuart Gibbs! We talked, he signed all 12 of my books, and it was fun!) on my blog (@ justintalksbooks.blogspot.com- sorry for the plug!) I will write another how to guide (if you even follow my blog) What’s your email? (You don’t have to answer this) we should talk sometime and share some cool insider stuff.

    I’m glad I found another kid blogger,


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