The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

By Christopher Healy 


  I found this book in my class library.  It was the only book that I hadn’t read yet, but I’m happy I picked it up.  It’s the first part of the Hero’s Guide series and it’s got me hooked to read more.  

Let me tell you about it.

This book focuses on the miserable lives of all of the Prince Charmings in the fairy tales. If you’re like me, you just assumed that maybe there was just this ONE Prince Charming guy and he went around saving people.  But no, there are many princes and they actually have names!  There was Prince Frederic (Cinderella), Prince Gustav, (Rapunzel tale), Prince Duncan, (the Snow white), and Prince Liam. (Sleeping Beauty).

You may wonder how these guys all know each other?  Turns out that even if you are a Prince Charming, someone may find you boring.  At least Cinderella found her prince boring and left to go on an adventure.  She was on her way to see Rapunzel and was captured by a witch.  

So Frederic searches for her and meets up with Gustav while he was fighting some trolls.  I guess Frederic is a bit of a wimpy guy even though he is a prince.  While this is happening, Liam is getting ready to marry Sleeping Beauty but it turns out she’s just a total butt.  Liam doesn’t want to marry her.  He was a hero to the whole kingdom because Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) is really rich and all the folks in the kingdom were looking forward to getting richer.  Now, everyone is mad at him and he was expelled from the kingdom.  Liam meets up with the other two guys, Frederic and Gustav.  Now it’s three guys looking to save Cinderella.  

Duncan is a really wacky prince (he randomly names animals and it is driving Snow White nuts).  She pretty much tells him to find some other princes and he finds the three guys.  So now, it’s 4 princes on an adventure.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s say these guys run into bandits, giants, a witch and other things.

What I loved about this book is that it’s funny.  This reminded me of the “True Story of the Big Bad Wolf” in that you get to see a full description of the Princes versus them just saving a princess and being charming.   I liked how some of the princes were wimps and others totally wacky.  Do they save Cinderella and solve their own princess problems?  You’ll have to read to find out. 

 I ended up reading this during the breaks for our STAAR testing and shared the book cover to about 4 others in my class.  I think even if you don’t care about princess stuff, you’d like this book.  I pretty much showed it to the boys in my class and most of us don’t know anything about princesses (unless you have a sister and are forced to know about that stuff).




Genius Files: License to Thrill

The newest book that I read is “Genius Files: License to Thrill” by Dan Gutman.  It is the newest book in the Genius Files series.  And this series is funny! In License to Thrill, Coke and Pepsi (the main characters) get trapped in a volcano, get captured by aliens, and attacked by new villains.

License to Thrill

Genius Files

For those of you who haven’t read any of the Genius Files books, I would say that they are a must read.  Seriously, after reading this blog, go get the books.  These books are so fun and funny.  Dan Gutman has a really funny style of writing- it’s like sometimes he’s talking just to you as a reader.  For example, there is a part where he says something like “these are the things Coke wanted to do this summer and falling into a volcano wasn’t one of them”.  That’s pretty much a real quote but it’s from my memory.  Continue reading

Why I’m Here

I am writing this because a lot of people ask me what books I read.  So, I decided to make a blog of what I read as I go.  It will contain my favorite authors, books, and reviews of books/authors.  Let’s start with some questions about me.

How do you read so much? I find a book that I like, usually from the library, and if I like it, I keep reading.

How do you get so many AR points?  I’m not sure if you know, but my school does the Accelerated Reader program.  Every book has a point assigned to it based on the grade level and size of the book.  Some books are .5 points and I heard there is one that is 110!  Every time you read a book you take a quiz.  You get a score based on the percentage correct and the points available on the book.  So, let’s say you pick a 10 point book but get 90% correct, you’ll get 9 points.  We then have an assembly every month to see who has hit these AR goals, like 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, etc.  I don’t mean to brag but since first grade I’ve been working hard to get a lot of AR points each year.  I like to compete with my friends to see who the highest reader for each grade will be.

My record has been over 700 points one year.  My goal for this year is 750.  It get harder to get the goal each year since you can’t re-read any books and you start back at zero.  Plus, this year I was pretty busy with other stuff.

How do you read so fast? I read fast because I practice reading a lot and if I practice enough, my reading score goes higher.  I am a good silent reader with over 300 words per minute but an average out loud reader.  If I have a book I like, I can read it anywhere and really quickly.  If it’s an ok book, I can only read it when it’s quiet.

When is your favorite time to read? My favorite time to read is during night time because it’s the most quiet time.  But my mom doesn’t let me stay up too late on regular days.

What book do you recommend for kids? That’s why I’m here!  I’ll tell you some of my favorites through this blog and hopefully you will like them too.  But, here are some books I liked at different grades.

My mom wanted me to tell you two things.  One, we are using affiliate links on the books listed.  That just means if you click on it and decide to buy, I get credit.  It doesn’t affect your book price, but my mom says we need to let you all know.  Also, she wanted me to tell you all how good books on CD can be.  Sometimes I can hear a book at a higher grade level than I can read and it makes car rides fun.


I’ll go more into what I like about them and my thoughts.  As you can tell, I’m really into fiction but I do like science stuff.  If you want to tell me what you like, that would be cool.